The Honey Crisps Are In

Ok, actually they have been in stores for a few weeks now. What’s the big deal with these apples? About a year ago, I mentioned to a co-worker how the Fuji apple, in my mind was the perfect eating apple. He said, that while he loved Fuji’s, the Honey Crisps were his favorite. I hadn’t tried one before, but I did look for them in the store. Unfortunately, they were out of season. So I have been diligently looking form them each time I get my apples, only to fall back to the good old Fuji. Finally, I found them available and proceeded to buy a good portion.
The cashier asked ,”Are these apples like, really good? We’ve been selling a ton of these tonight.” I replied,I am counting on it– I have been waiting for these for about a year.” I figured this was a good sign.

The results were pretty incredible. In fact, the Honey Crisp’s have the registered trademark ‘Explosively Crisp’, which is very descriptive. I now concede that these are the best eating apple around. Fuji are great for the rest of the year when these aren’t available.

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