Katherine and Angela

Katherine and Angela

When we brought Angela home from the hospital last week, we weren’t quite sure how Katherine would react.  So far, I’d say she has handled it really well.  She seems to love her new role as big sister and genuinely seems to adore Angela. I am still waiting to hear her say something along the lines of “Take her back to the hospital!”  That hasn’t happened yet.

So far, she has three basic statements/reactions to Angela crying:

  • “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you”
  • The stranger version: “Don’t worry, we’ll find your mommy and daddy.” ( Like many things, I am blaming Dora for this)
  • Laughing and saying, “The baby is silly.”

I know this will likely change as Angela becomes more demanding. But this is one picture I can use as evidence that they did indeed get along early on :)

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