The Girls Meet Buckeyes

Today, Rebecca took the girls to Tuttle Mall and stopped by a booth where former Buckeye football players Michael Wiley, Courtland Bullard and James Cotton were raising money for one of their charities.

They were very nice to the girls and were gracious enough to take some pictures with them.

Katherine and the Buckeyes

Katherine has been somewhat of a scaredy cat lately with these kinds of pictures. While she doesn’t look thrilled, she did better with them than she did the Easter Bunny, which is why we have no pictures of her with him this year.

Angela with the Buckeyes

Angela did better in this situation as expected. Then again, what could she have done? She really is exceptionally strong for a 3 month old, but I don’t think she’d be able to escape the clutches of Courtland Bullard:)

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