Don’t Drag Being A Woman Into It

Don't Drag Being A Woman Into It

Don't Drag Being A Woman Into It

While walking along 17th street in Denver last week, I happened upon the following marker and found it interesting. ┬áIt quotes her as saying, “I’m either a lawyer or I am not. Don’t drag being a woman into it.”

The marker then promptly goes on to acknowledge her being the first female attorney in Denver in 1896. Apparently the quote above was related to her not liking the term “lady lawyer”. We may never know if she would have bristled at her being referred to as the “first lady lawyer”.

Apparently, she holds a number of other female firsts:

  • First woman admitted to the Denver, Colorado and American Bar Associations
  • First woman to open a law practice in Denver
  • First woman to appear before the United States Court in Colorado
  • First woman to plead a case before the United States Supreme Court

Male or female, these are all fantastic achievements to be proud of whether it is 1896 or 2012.

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