Tulips For Evangeline

Katherine helped me plant bulbs to remember Evangeline

Katherine helped me plant bulbs to remember Evangeline

Last Sunday, we planned to attend a service of remembrance at the Elizabeth Blackwell Center’s Healing garden. Last year, after losing our daughter Evangeline, we were invited to the service to help families cope, grieve and most importantly for me, to remember and acknowledge their loss.  I really liked the idea that in autumn, as plants are dying, we were planting bulbs that would bloom in the springtime.  For me, it was a reminder that sometimes death can help us appreciate the beauty of life and that with my faith, death isn’t final.

So, when it turned out that our daughters were sick with croup and the weather was pretty windy, we were sad that we couldn’t attend the ceremony.  We decided instead that we would still have our own little private ceremony at home and planted bulbs all over our garden.

Katherine was a huge help.  She was really excited to get more ‘eyes’ or ‘eggs’ to put in the holes I dug ( her term for the bulbs). She also was very diligent in putting bone meal into the holes.

I am glad that it turned out this way — I really enjoyed being able to do this at home and spend time reflecting.  Next year, we will again try to go to the service since I find it is nice to talk about it among people who understand what we’ve been through and to be able to at least try to offer a sense of hope and encouragement to others. But I really liked doing this as well and think it will be a new tradition for our family.

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