New Skin: More On The Safety Razor

This morning, as I was finishing my shave, I twisted the head of the safety razor to loosen it which I find helps with rinsing it between shaves.  As I was doing this, I was careless and slipped and sliced a really good part of my thumb off. Needless to say it bled profusely. I was able to stop the bleeding with some gauze and tape, but I knew that later on would be kind of hard removing the bandage. If you are looking for the photo, look elsewhere. I won’t be doing that 🙂

I was thinking that I needed to try out the product called New-Skin Liquid Bandage.  So I bit my lip and ripped off the gauze, cleaned my wound and sprayed this product over it. It burned like the dickens. However, it sealed up nicely and the pain is gone. More importantly, the wound is properly protected from germs and infection.  I will definitely have one of these handy around the house for future emergencies.


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