Alumni Brutus


Alumni Brutus

Alumni Brutus




When I first rushed to see all of the Brutus on Parade statues, not all of them were there. Rebecca and I went to see them again while on a bike ride recently. I really liked this Alumni Brutus. Since I am one, I felt I belonged in this picture. 


Alumni Brutus revers angle

Alumni Brutus reverse angle



The rear shot just captures a small amount of the detail packed into this statue.  The artist really took advantage of the medium to demonstrate the wide diversity of the campus as well as the students who have attended.

More Brutus On Parade Pictures are here.

Block-O on the Bridge


Block-O on the Bridge

Block-O on the Bridge

I have crossed the Lane Avenue Bridge many times since it opened and have always thought it a beautiful  piece of construction.  Last weekend, I saw something about the bridge I hadn’t previously noticed.  Adorning the posts of the cable stay bridge are some ornamentation that must be a nod to Block-O.  Perhaps a minor one, but one nonetheless.

Bicycle Boulevard



Bicycle Boulevard

Bicycle Boulevard

While taking a bike ride from Antrim Park to The Ohio State campus, we noticed that the part of the trail from North Broadway and continuing South has now been named Bicycle Boulevard. Beyond giving it the name, they have improved the path with good pavement. It is a great ride in the fall.

Ohio State vs. Youngstown State Video

Rebecca went to the Ohio State football season opener and put together the video above. Not bad for one of her first uses of iMovie. She put it together quite rapidly and easily.

The Brutii Have Arrived


Drum Major Brutus

Drum Major Brutus



The Brutus on Parade statues have started to arrive at the Schottenstein Center. Conspicuously absent were the Butter Brutus, Gordon Gee Brutus, Tin Brutus, Elvis Brutus and a few more. 

A pleasant surprise was a Bill Willis Brutus, which I found to be a nice homage to the great player who recently passed. 


The statue details Tressels watch and WWJD bracelet.

The statue details Tressel's watch and WWJD bracelet.



Some of the statues have an incredible amount of detail. Noted on the Jim Tressel Brutus was his ring decorated in Block-O and Script Ohio as well as his WWJD bracelet. The Van Gogh Brutus had a bandage around his head and was bearded.  The detail on the Drum Major Brutus included the O-H-I-O around the buckeye leaf on his chest. 

It is definitely worth a trip to the Schottenstein Center for a viewing. The parking couldn’t be easier since school is currently out of session. 

I took way too many pics and yet I am still not  happy with them. Nonetheless, here is my gallery of photos:

Brutus On Parade Photo Gallery

Mountain Biking at Alum Creek

Not me!

Not me!

The photo above is not me, but I was on this part of the trail today. I stalled out toward the top and had to walk it out.

On a whim, I decided to bike on the Alum Creek mountain bike trail today. I have never been mountain biking on my ‘mountain’ bike before and thought it would be fun. I survived, but was largely unprepared with the exception of my helmet. My bike has no shocks, and I should have worn gloves. I had no idea how sweaty my hands would get and that is a bad idea barreling down a root and rock laden hill.

I must confess to having had at complete blast. Since this was my first ride, I have nothing to compare it to, but to me, it seems like a lot of work has gone into the work on the trail. It occurred to me that even without a bike, these trails would be great for cross country running or just hiking. The terrain is much more interesting than the normal foot trails.

Next time, I’ll bring gloves and if I still like it, might upgrade the old bike. Heck, it might just break and force the issue.

Do any seasoned mountain bikers have any additional advice for a newbie?

Adena Burial Mound at Prairie Oaks Metro Park

Adena Burial Mound

Adena Burial Mound

This is a picture of an Adena burial mound found in Prairie Oaks Metro Park. I don’t know about you, but this just looks like a grassy hill to me. Having seen the great Serpent Mound, this was a real disappointment. The rest of the park is great, however.

Cat Tails: Nature’s Corn Dogs

Natures Corn Dog

Nature's Corn Dog

While hiking in Prairie Oaks Metro Park yesterday I saw this group of cat tails. It occurred to me that they resemble corn dogs more than anything.

Highbanks Metro Park

Highbanks Metro Park Overlook Deck

Rebecca and I enjoyed a nice hike Sunday at the Highbanks Metro Park just outside of Columbus. This picture was taken at the overlook deck on the Overlook Trail. With full leaf coverage, the view below was obstructed — we’ll go back in the fall.

Somehow I have managed to never take the time to enjoy this gem of a park. It has numerous shelter houses and play areas and a few hiking trails that were better than I expected.

One word of caution, the trails listed on the map of the website are represented by names, but at the park, they are symbols which aren’t mentioned at the website. I didn’t get them all figured out since we didn’t hike them all, but below is my translation. The left side represents the name and color of the trail as represented on the website, the right side represents the symbols as I have chosen to describe them.

Overlook Trail ( Purple) = Something that looks like a corn cob or a tree?

Scenic River Trail ( Hot Pink) = A fish

Dripping Rock Trail (Yellow) = A woodpecker on a snowboard

Big Meadows Path ( Brown) = A leaf and acorn

On a weather-friendly day, you’ll have far more fun walking around here than at the nearby Polaris Shopping Center.

Highbanks Photo Gallery