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Don’t Drag Being A Woman Into It

Don't Drag Being A Woman Into It

Don't Drag Being A Woman Into It

While walking along 17th street in Denver last week, I happened upon the following marker and found it interesting.  It quotes her as saying, “I’m either a lawyer or I am not. Don’t drag being a woman into it.”

The marker then promptly goes on to acknowledge her being the first female attorney in Denver in 1896. Apparently the quote above was related to her not liking the term “lady lawyer”. We may never know if she would have bristled at her being referred to as the “first lady lawyer”.

Apparently, she holds a number of other female firsts:

  • First woman admitted to the Denver, Colorado and American Bar Associations
  • First woman to open a law practice in Denver
  • First woman to appear before the United States Court in Colorado
  • First woman to plead a case before the United States Supreme Court

Male or female, these are all fantastic achievements to be proud of whether it is 1896 or 2012.

The Vomit Tax

This sign was posted in a recent cab ride from downtown Denver to the airport. It would be $100.00 US for the ‘privilege’ of vomiting during this ride.

The Vomit Tax: $100.00

Now I know that these cab drivers must get a lot of drunks in their vehicles, but my first thought was, “Hey, if you don’t want me to vomit, stop the erratic driving!”  The cost for cleaning up the vomit is roughly twice the cost to get to the airport  — it almost made me think they had some incentive going on here.


Love Me Tender

Our daughter Angela shares a birthday with Elvis Presley.  When I looked at a recent photo of her, I discovered that she has more in common with the King than her birthday.  She has a pretty mean lip curl going on a the tender age of 7 weeks.

Angela's Lip Curl

Angela's Lip Curl

Elvis' Lip Curl

Elvis' Lip Curl

Prehistoric Shark

Prehistoric Shark

Dunkleosteus terrelli, a.k.a, Prehistoric Shark

Last week, Rebecca, Katherine and I  traveled up to Cleveland and went to both the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and the Great Lakes Science Center.

Both museums were nice, but the natural history museum really stood out to me for two main reasons:

  • The quality of the items on display are fantastic. It isn’t as big as The Field Museum in Chicago, but the items on display were as good. They also have live animal exhibits outside, including many birds of prey, deer, etc.
  • At 20 months of age, Katherine loved it.  I had no idea that she would be as entertained by the exhibits as she was.

The photo above is a replica of a prehistoric shark called Dunkleosteus Terrelli. It was found in the Cleveland Shale in 1867 and while the one hanging is a full body replica, the fossils of this creature are there and are among the best in the world.

The funny thing about this is that Katherine had a funny love-hate relationship with the hanging replica.  She really does love sharks, but this one would scare her when I would get her close to it to the point that she would cry.  After I would get her out of the danger zone, she would ask to go back and see it.  And again, she would get scared.  Back and forth this went for some time until we finally left.  Even now, she still will talk about the shark with a very serious look in her eye 🙂

The Greater Threat?

Perspective of a fish about to become lunch

Perspective of a fish about to become lunch

I took this picture from the bottom portion of the Polar Bear exhibit at the Columbus Zoo looking at the fish. In the background you can see one of the Polar Bears looking at the fish as well. Or, is he looking at me?

Fourth of July at the Zoo

Rebecca, her parents, Katherine and I made a trip to the Columbus Zoo today.  Despite it being really hot, the animals were pretty active today. We had loads of fun and saw quite a bit on our relatively short trip.


I didn't mind the Gator fan taking a picture behind me.

The Alligators were in full view today and I was in a good enough mood to not mind the Florida Gator fans enjoying the view.

Come and knock on our door, we've been waiting for you ...

Every time  I see Flamingoes at the zoo I think of the opening bit to the Three’s Company television show. There definitely weren’t this many the last time I was at the zoo.


Okapi - It's pronounced 'Oh-Copy'

The Okapi had a lot of room to roam today and seemed very happy.   I am always impressed that when Katherine sees one, she calls it by name.

Katherine in her shades

Katherine in her shades

Katherine was having a great time with the animals and grandparents to chaperone her trip.

Rebecca, Bea, David and Katherine

Rebecca, Bea, David and Katherine: a photogenic bunch

Lion Roars

Lion Roars

We had such a great view of the Lion marching back and forth in front of us roaring and bearing his teeth.  Katherine loves to roar like a lion, but she was somewhat intimidated today.  This was up close and personal.

Goodbye Baby Face

Katherine, 15 months

Katherine, 15 months

One evening this week, Rebecca and I were looking at pictures of Katherine when she was younger when all at once I realized that her baby face is gone.  It is now a beautiful toddler face.

I have certainly noticed her physical growth along with her growing vocabulary, curiosity and personality.  I hadn’t really stopped to consider that her face has matured a bit as well. Her toothless grin is now gone and actually has been for some time.

Speaking of teeth, Rebecca and I were at a picnic last fall and one of the fathers asked me what was the most surprising thing so far as a parent. I couldn’t really think of anything specific at the time.  A few days later, I found my response.  Katherine started grinding her teeth together and it sounded like she was chewing on gravel. That was a huge surprise — I was not prepared for that one and it is apparently quite normal.  I still shudder even thinking about it.

Time marches onward.