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Cold War Revisited

Stealth Bomber

The last time I visited the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Museum, we were still in the Cold War. This time around, they have a whole hangar displaying the technology that came out of that era, including this B-2 Stealth Bomber.

The museum is much better than I remember it and who could argue with the price of admission — free. We’ll definitely be going back, and next time I might actually have a wide angle lens wide enough to get the whole plane in the frame.

Kitchen Nightmares Formula

I may be one of the last people to have seen Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (BBC version) and have thoroughly enjoyed it even though his recipe for turnaround is virtually the same each time. Like House, it might be one of the funniest comedies you didn’t realize was a comedy.

Here is what I have determined to be his basic formula:

  1. Determine if the staff is capable and willing to change their ways. If not, close up now. If so, continue.
  2. Simplify the menu. This seems to common in the failing restaurants and is related to the next step.
  3. Refocus on your identity and cook only the things you can do well. Stay within yourself.
  4. Cook simple/rustic/hearty dishes using fresh/local ingredients.
  5. Relaunch your restaurant with the new concepts to regain your reputation. Don’t screw this up.

There are lots of little variations in each assignment, but this seems to be the basic formula, and it makes sense.

Quick Change

Rebecca and I were offered tickets to the Ohio State Men’s Basketball game last night against Coppin State. I had never been to a single event at the Schottenstein Center, nor a basketball game period, so the whole experience was new.

It is quite different than going to a football game to be sure. There is no tailgating only traffic — everyone at the game either has tickets, is scalping tickets or is planning to buy scalped tickets(far less likely this season). Also, free parking is easy to come by.

The tickets we were given were practically on the floor — we sat right behind the opponent bench. There is no way we would have scored these seats last year. Indeed the game play was sloppy, but the half time show was pretty impressive. It was an act called ‘Quick Change’. I found out later that they were on ‘America’s Got Talent’ — see the video below.

The act they performed was very similar to the video but the lights were brighter. I’ve no idea how it was done, but well performed illusion is something that I always enjoy.

DSLR Test Drive

Jacob Jacobs, Tabby

I don’t own a digital SLR (DSLR), but have considered one for a bit now. Fortunately, a co-worker let me borrow his for a brief stint to try out. I still haven’t decided to go the SLR route, but I really enjoyed the control that is possible with respect to focus and shutter speed. The downside is that an SLR is not nearly as easy to tote as a good compact, so I imagine a need for both devices depending on the circumstance. Here is one picture I was able to get of our cat Jacob that would have been difficult to achieve with my Elph.

Back from Cabo

Land's End

Our trip to Cabo was very nice and definitely took us out of our comfort zone. It wasn’t so much the shift in culture that was different — we found it to be even more accomodating to Americans than the guides explained. What was unusual was being treated so well — sometimes high levels of service and hospitality can feel a bit uncomfortable until you get used to it. Certainly that was the case on this trip. The folks that made all of the incredibly detailed travel arrangements did an outstanding job. It was a total blast.

The Honey Crisps Are In

Ok, actually they have been in stores for a few weeks now. What’s the big deal with these apples? About a year ago, I mentioned to a co-worker how the Fuji apple, in my mind was the perfect eating apple. He said, that while he loved Fuji’s, the Honey Crisps were his favorite. I hadn’t tried one before, but I did look for them in the store. Unfortunately, they were out of season. So I have been diligently looking form them each time I get my apples, only to fall back to the good old Fuji. Finally, I found them available and proceeded to buy a good portion.
The cashier asked ,”Are these apples like, really good? We’ve been selling a ton of these tonight.” I replied,I am counting on it– I have been waiting for these for about a year.” I figured this was a good sign.

The results were pretty incredible. In fact, the Honey Crisp’s have the registered trademark ‘Explosively Crisp’, which is very descriptive. I now concede that these are the best eating apple around. Fuji are great for the rest of the year when these aren’t available.