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Ha Ha Pizza

This past Saturday, Rebecca and I rode the bike trail from Xenia to Yellow Springs and back. We decided to stop for lunch in Yellow Springs on the way back at a local pizza place called ‘Ha Ha Pizza’. 


Ha Ha Pizza in Yellow Springs

Ha Ha Pizza in Yellow Springs

 Normally, for me, restaurant service levels range from bad to good. This situation was a bit more complicated. The service was actually pretty good, but it was very slow. Very, very slow. That said, our waiter was up front about the length of wait when we came in. This is an example where setting appropriate expectations really is important. 

Fortunately for us, we weren’t in a huge hurry and I had a good feeling about the pizza. So, we just waited and conversed while people watching. People watching in Yellow Springs is always interesting. I admit that initially I had concerns that the delays might be due to the staff toking up in the back.  I suppose they might well have been, but while we waited, we never saw a single order go back to the kitchen, nor did ours. 

When the pie arrived and we took the first bite, we knew that our patience had been rewarded. It was easily in my top five of all time. Delicious. Fresh. Perfect crust. 

The strangest thing for me is that 9 times out of 10, this kind of dining experience would have been pure torture for me. It would have ruined what otherwise was great food. Sometimes it just takes time to be able to enjoy a great meal. I am really glad we had time to enjoy this meal. 

Xenia to Yellow Springs

Rebecca and I did the bike ride from Xenia Station to Yellow Springs today. It was the first time I had been on this bike trail and it was loads of fun and much better than the trails around Columbus.

Celebrity Sighting

Rebecca and I were browsing at the Apple store at Easton yesterday when I noticed a somewhat familiar face. Upon further investigation, I realized it was Dave Chappelle. Since he was wearing shades I wasn’t 100 percent confident until I heard him talk to the sales clerk a question. The distinctive voice confirmed it.