Ear Pain

I recall having earaches as a child, but nothing compared to the one I have now. Since Thursday, I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep due to pain. And the pain isn’t isolated in the ear. It actually is preventing me from eating normally. I have switched to a soft food diet until the antibiotics take effect.

Dojo Training

I spent last week receiving training on the Dojo toolkit. It isn’t often you have the experience of being trained technically by a co-creator of what you are being trained on. Alex Russell was our instructor and the great thing about this course was that he is not an instructor first. He understood this product soup to nuts at any level you wanted to talk about. This was probably the best technical training I have ever had. And yes, I am giving props to the toolkit. I can’t recall a better time than now to be able to deliver rich content client side reliably — and this is but one of the many good toolkits that facilitate this by doing the heavy lifting.

Made it to Chicago

I arrived in Chicago a little later than expected. My flight was delayed a bit due to ice storms in Denver. Nevertheless, was able to get settled in nicely at the House of Blues hotel to meet up with Rebecca. Yes, this is a lame post, but it is my first mobile blog entry using my Cingular Blackjack.